The City of Grovetown is committed to recycling, waste reduction, pollution prevention and preservation of natural resources. The city's recycling initiative actively promotes this commitment. The city provides curbside pickup every Wednesday and a recycle site located at the city maintenance shop at 1034 Newmantown Road.

Small efforts with Large Benefits
Recycling reduces air and water pollution, saves energy, conserves resources, and saves money for the City of Grovetown. Check out the facts:
  • Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV or computer monitor for 3 hours
  • Every glass bottle recycled saves enough energy to light a 100 watt light bulb for 4 hours
  • The recycled sector of the global paper industry is the industry's most modern, efficient and least polluting sector.
Accepted Items & Other Options
Newspaper, aluminum cans and cardboard are the only items the city currently accepts for recycling, however the City of Grovetown encourages all its residents to recycle as much yard waste as possible by employing the following practices:
  • Composting: Place leaves and grass in a pile on your property. Add water and turn the pile from time to time. After the leaves and grass have decomposed, the finished compost may be worked into the soil as an amendment. This provides nutrients and helps the soil retain moisture.
  • Grasscycling: Simply mow your lawn and let the clippings fall and return nitrogen and other nutrients to your turf. If you mow often there is no need to collect clippings for disposal.