Christmas Trees

Christmas trees take up lots of space in landfills. Luckily, people keep thinking of new ways to recycle the trees. For example:
  • Old Christmas trees can be chopped up and turned into mulch. Gardeners put mulch around trees and plants to help keep roots moist. Mulch can also be put on trails to help protect the soil.
  • Larger branches can be cut into smaller bundles for winter protective mulch around newly planted perennials and small shrubs. Be sure to remove the branches in spring, when the plants begin to grow again.
  • Trees can be tied in bundles and sunk in ponds, according to the National Wildlife Federation. These trees make good hiding places and feeding areas for fish.
  • Trees can be placed in the woods, yard or garden for use by birds and other wildlife. The branches provide shelter from strong winds and cold. Food can be supplied by hanging fruit slices, seed cakes, or suet bags on its branches. You can also smear peanut butter and seeds in pine cones and hang them in the tree.