Comprehensive Plan

Why Plan?

Successful communities don't just happen - they must be continually shaped and guided. A community must actively manage its land use, infrastructure and resources, and respond to changing circumstances if it is to continue to meet the needs of its residents.

Grovetown residents value the character and diversity of their City, the strong sense of community, and the easy access to recreational opportunities. Concern about maintaining the current economic development trend, providing for adequate infrastructure and ensuring adequate recreational and educational opportunities for its old and new citizens are issues that the City is continuously trying to address. Comprehensive planning, based on good data and public consultation, will assist the community to address these, and many other concerns.

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Grovetown Comprehensive Plan is the official guiding document for the future of the City of Grovetown. It is designed to formulate a coordinated, long-term planning program for the City. The plan lays out a desired future, and guides how that future is to be achieved. It serves as a guide to both the public and private sector by providing a picture of how land will develop, how housing will be made available, how jobs will be attracted and retained, how open space and the environment will be protected, how public services and facilities will be provided, and how transportation facilities will be improved. Further, the plan guides elected and appointed officials as they deliberate community development issues and convey policy and intended programs of action to residents. In short, the comprehensive plan is a unified document providing consistent policy direction.

The comprehensive plan is structured to be a dynamic document, subject to amendment when conditions within the City or county change significantly. Periodic updates are needed to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the residents of Grovetown. The previous Grovetown Comprehensive Plan was prepared in 1991. Many of the items recommended for implementation were completed or became irrelevant as years passed. This new plan addresses changes in the community since the last comprehensive plan, looking out to the year 2026.