Permit Requirements

Below are some of the most frequently used forms and applications and their requirements.

For any questions on the use of these forms or the requirement to obtain particular permits or licenses for work in the City of Grovetown, contact the Department of Planning and Community Development directly at 706-860-5094.

New Construction

Anything deemed “new construction,” as outlined below, requires a building permit. Applicable exceptions are listed below each category.

Additions – Defined as, “Anything intended to construct, enlarge, alter, or change the occupancy of a building or structure.”

Decks – Any deck that exceeds 200 square feet, is above 30 inches above grade at any point, attached to a dwelling, or serves the exit door requires a permit.

Demolition – Any demolition of a building or structure requires a permit.

Fences – Any fences over 7 feet tall require a permit.

Major Renovations/Repairs – Defined as, “Anything involving installing, enlarging, altering, repair, remove, converting or replacing of any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system.”

      -Exception: Sidewalks and driveways do not require a permit.

Moving a Structure – Any moving of a building or structure requires a permit.

Roofing – Re-roofing and regular roofing jobs both require a permit.

Sheds/Storage Buildings – Adding either of these structures requires a permit.

      -Exception: If the structure is detached, one-story, and the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet.

Siding and Windows – Installation of these items requires a permit.

Sprinkler Installations/Repairs – If piping becomes defective and requires replacement, a permit is required.

      -Exception: Any stopping of leaks does not require a permit.

Swimming Pools – Both above and below ground pools require a permit.

      -Exception: Any prefabricated swimming pool that is less than 24 inches deep does not require a permit.