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Occupational License Application

  1. Briefly describe the major line/primary type of business/service to be offered.
  2. Includes owner/manager
  3. Note:
    All licenses must be renewed by March 31 of each year regardless of the date of issuance. Licenses are not transferable from one person to another or business. Certain applications/stipulations may apply and may require the approval of the Mayor and Council. Please call Grovetown Licensing & Permits with any questions at 706-860-5094.
  4. I certify that the above information is true and correct. I understand that falsification of any part of this application could cause denial, suspension, or revocation.
  5. By signing/affixing signature below, I, the applicant/owner of the above noted business do hereby state that I have read and fully understand the noted stipulations for obtaining an occupational license for the above named business. I further state that I am aware that failure to comply with the stipulations will result in the suspension or revocation of said occupational license.
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