Code Enforcement

The City of Grovetown Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of applicable federal, state, and local codes and ordinances in order to provide a safe, fit, and healthy environment for our residents, businesses, and guests. This office investigates various complaints that are located throughout the City of Grovetown ranging from overgrown grass and weeds, dilapidated structures, trash and debris, and inoperative vehicles. Complaints may be submitted in person at the Department of Planning and Community Development, or by contacting our office at 706-860-5094.

Our City has adopted codes and ordinances and regulates land use according to both traditional (Municode, see link below) and "form-based" codes. Codes and ordinances for traditional zoning focus on the idea that each space should have a singular use. Form-based zoning,on the other hand, also considers the aesthetics of building form as it relates to streetscape and adjacent uses, relying on design concepts intended to preserve the character of a community. 
The codes used and enforced in the City of Grovetown are below. Just click each image to access the respective code.

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    Mark Haynes

    Code Enforcement
    Phone: 706-863-4576, ext. 317

Visit the Municode website
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A friendly reminder from Planning and Community Development Department

 Owners, tenants, occupants, and managers are reminded that it is your responsibility to maintain, and be responsible for, cutting, mowing, and removing grass/weeds before they reach the 10” height restriction as prescribed by the City ordinance. This is a gentle reminder in hopes of preventing any potential violations of our City ordinances, especially those related to property maintenance.

We thank you in advance for all your cooperation and dedication in maintaining your properties and improving the appearance of our community.